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Founded by Brian R. Murer, DC/SMT and Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr, Evolutions Institute of Soma Instruction (EISI) was created to share the groundbreaking and innovative manual therapy and corrective exercise techniques of Guy Voyer, MD/DO. In addition to providing manual and corrective exercise therapy to patients and clients, the goal of ...

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Odette Scott

Take your game to the next level: An evening with renowned NFL Chiropractor Dr. Gerry Ramogida in Indianapolis

Calling all athletes, coaches, and sports medicine practitioners! Renowned NFL Chiropractor Dr. Gerry Ramogida is making a special presentation at Indianapolis’ NCAA Headquarters on May 21.­ Dr. Ramogida is widely considered to be one of the best manual medicine sports practitioners working today. His talk will be about how game-side manual medicine is used to improve athletic performance. The evening is hosted by Indiana’s own Evolutions Institute of SOMA Instruction.

Dr. Ramogida is best known for his chiropractic work for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL over the last 14 years. In 2013, helped them beat the Denver Broncos for their first Superbowl Championship. He has been the chiropractor for the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, the MLB, and he is the medical director at Altis, the premier training organization for elite track and field athletes.

Dr. Ramogida’s talk on May 21st is called “The Emerging Paradigm of Performance Therapy: Manual Medicine and the Coach- Athlete- Therapist Triad.” He will speak about his intimate involvement in developing the concept of Performance Trackside Therapy, of which the relationship between athlete, coach and therapist is primary. Dr. Ramogida has developed successful communication and evaluation strategies to help athlete, coach and therapist coordinate and align their goals and outcomes so that assessment, treatment and return to play decisions can be made in the most efficient manner.

The evening with Dr. Ramogida is being offered as part of a two-day course on an effective manual therapy exercise technique called ELDOA. The course is the first ELDOA Teaching Certification course to be offered in Indiana. Top level trainers, therapists, chiropractors and strength coaches will be coming to Indianapolis to learn the ELDOA, which are quickly gaining recognition in top level sports therapy and training as being highly effective. Manual therapist Dr. Brian Murer and exercise therapist Jona Kerr, the founders of Evolutions Institute of SOMA Instruction, will be teaching the course. The evening with Dr. Ramogida is offered to course participants free of charge. For all others, there is a $100 cost for the evening.  Come hear one of the brightest minds in sports chiropractic and rehabilitation and take your training, your team or your game plan to the next level! Learn more and RSVP at