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Founded by Brian R. Murer, DC/SMT and Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr, Evolutions Institute of Soma Instruction (EISI) was created to share the groundbreaking and innovative manual therapy and corrective exercise techniques of Guy Voyer, MD/DO. In addition to providing manual and corrective exercise therapy to patients and clients, the goal of ...

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Odette Scott

Indiana Natives Attract World-class Athletes and Musicians to Indiana with Groundbreaking Therapy and Exercise Techniques

For high level athletes and world class musicians, Bloomington, Indiana is a destination. They come from all over to receive an emerging yet highly effective manual therapy and exercise system from Evolutions Institute of Soma Instruction, Inc. (EISI). Indiana natives Brian R. Murer, DC/SMTh and Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr founded EISI to share the groundbreaking manual therapy and corrective exercise techniques of French osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. Their practice offers manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to patients privately, in group classes, and through teaching certification courses authorized by Dr. Voyer. In addition to helping patients improve the quality of their health, one of EISI’s primary goals is to train the next generation of therapists and trainers in Dr. Voyer’s innovative paradigm.

The unique backgrounds of Brian Murer and Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr contribute to EISI’s comprehensive approach to manual therapy and therapeutic exericise. Murer is a former national caliber hammer thrower and 1996 Olympic team alternate, and was a track and field coach at Purdue University. Trained and licensed as a chiropractor as well as certified in neuro-functional acupuncture, he was the first practitioner in Indiana to study Dr. Voyer’s ELDOA exercises and bring them to Bloomington. His practice has attracted world-class musicians and elite athletes – NFL players, Olympic-bound divers and track and field stars.

Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr is a therapeutic exercise specialist and classically trained violinist. Initially Murer’s patient, she struggled with repetitive-stress induced arm problems as result of intense hours of performance. She believes that musicians should have access to high quality exercise instruction to mitigate performance-related repetitive stress. In collaboration with the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, she founded one of the only corrective and therapeutic exercise programs at a major music institution. In 2012, Kerr and Murer joined forces, studying over a course of three years to become certified in the training of Dr. Guy Voyer, who is quickly gaining the reputation as being a game changing genius in the field of manual medicine and therapeutic exercise.

Osteopathy, Soma-Therapy and corrective exercise are the core of Dr. Guy Voyer’s methodology. In the therapy program, Dr. Voyer teaches precise techniques for treating the delicate and highly intelligent fasciae (or soft connective tissue) that run from the top of our head to the tips of our toes. As a complementary component of the therapy, and in an effort to give patients the tools to heal themselves, Voyer developed a series of precise movements designed to create space in the spine and joints, which helps relieve pressure and pain and restore normal physiological movement. These exercises are called the ELDOA (a French acronym translating to osteo-articular joints in the longitudinal axis with de-coaptation). “Adding space to the joints,” Murer explains, “balances the tension to fit the natural structure of our bodies. Without this balance, we introduce a chain reaction when we walk, stand, sit, and carry out daily life. This leads to a cycle of more pain and dysfunction which we can often correct through the ELDOA” The ELDOA are quickly gaining recognition as being highly effective with immediate results in top level sports therapy and training. They are now used in all major North American professional sports as well as in many Olympic training camps and NCAA Division 1 programs.

EISI is hosting Indiana’s first ELDOA 1 course on May 21 and 22 at the NCAA National Headquarters in Indianapolis. The course is designed to teach the fundamentals of ELDOA and give participants the tools to apply this effective therapy to their own practices, whether they are chiropractors, physical therapists, sports trainers, athletes, musicians or people who want to learn how to prolong the life and health of their spine. You can learn more about the ELDOA and sign up for the course here.